Our formulas are crafted for patients and their family members with age-related macular degeneration, diabetes/diabetic retinopathy, and retinal degeneration such as Stargard’s Disease and Retinitis Pigmentosa. They also target optic nerve disorders, other age-related ocular diseases and full body health.

Supplements on the market today can vary in quality and potency. Our Eyes and Body Vitamins are made by the highest-level pharmaceutical grade manufacturers and with quality assurance procedures that set the standard for the field. Never stored on shelves or in retail market settings, our products are guaranteed fresh.

Ingredients include Zinc, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, DHA and EPA Omega III Fatty Acids, Vitamins E, C and D as well as bilberry, grape seed extract, anthocynanins, ginkgo biloba and other antioxidants supported by current scientific literature.

  • Quality is everything to us.
  • We offer the highest quality supplements at a fair price.
  • And, because healthcare is for everyone, we keep our prices reasonable and offer regular specials.
  • Our formulas are created based on cutting edge research.
  • Our formulas target a full range of eye disorders, while promoting total body health.
  • Our formulas contain optimal levels of ingredients that promote eye health.

Every year new advances in ocular and body nutrition update the current recommendations in the field. We incorporate the latest discoveries to ensure our patients receive the most advanced and safest supplementation available.

Recent studies include:

  • AREDS (Age-Related Eye Diseases) clinical trials I/II
  • Meta-analysis on Vitamin E Safety and Efficacy from the Annals of Internal Medicine Blue Mountain Eye Study
  • CAREDS (Carotenoids in the AREDS study)