Here at Eyes and Body, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest scientific research and clinical trials in optimizing our Eyes and Body products to contain the best formulas and ratio of nutrients that best aid in the health of our customers. We tap into the brightest minds in the industry and always trying to provide the most proven cutting-edge supplements and vitamins. It is our mission to push forward towards the new and better solutions and share them with our extended family — all of you.

From 2004-2017, renown retina surgeon Dr. Gallemore lead the Eyes and Body scientific team. Dr. Gallemore held major part in the establishing the initial formulations and scientific engineering of our first run products.

Eyes and Body has since expanded the scientific team and embrace newer clinical research and fresh expertise that is revolutionizing the health community. As Eyes and Body continues to grow and learn, we are always embracing the new discoveries and expertise talent in the industry and continually monitor how we can make our products even better for our valued customers.