EGO at What Cost…

EGO at What Cost…

Man Stroking Chin with 2 women in backgroundIs having a huge ego really such a bad thing?  Let me rephrase….  Is having a huge sense of self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect, self-image or self-confidence a bad thing?

I’ll let you answer for yourself….

It’s really not entirely clear why people are so bothered by Big Egos, but my understanding is that most individuals have been programmed to think that ego is a negative thing. And I believe this programming is getting in the way of individuals reaching their full potential.

“Egos have no amigos”. That is, egos are built for survival, competition & success. Most of us can sense a Huge Ego from the moment it steps into a room.  It announces itself without saying a word and passively demands attention. It’s assertive, focused and self-possessed when it needs to be, but also understands when to shut the hell up. 😉 

It often takes a Big Ego to recognize and point a finger at the Huge Ego in the room – while all the Little Egos remain oblivious to “that special something” they sense but can’t name. The Big Egos are good at spotting the sneaky magnetism of the Huge Ego b/c it’s threatened by it. Because it’s in competition with it. More people than you probably know have Huge Egos – but only the highest achievers are labeled for it.  The sad fact is, from the moment a person finds success, their name will pop up on every hater’s Most Wanted list. 

High performers have a harder time denying their urge to be on top. They sense their calling and importance early on and know that they must get there at all costs. …whether as parents, siblings, professionals, athletes, or clergy. 

They all require Big Ego!

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Some literature suggests that ego is synonymous with arrogance. I disagree. Arrogance is an expression of ego, yes. But, it’s an inferior expression. Arrogance is the lashing-out of an insecure and threatened ego. In fact, arrogant behavior is a tell-tale sign of an underlying inferiority complex. A healthy secure ego would have no reason to claim superiority over others, because it truly believes its own unique power and knows that everyone else has something unique to offer. …doesn’t mean we can’t play the game, though 😉

Winning and losing gracefully both require a healthy amount of Ego. Whether it’s the drive needed to win, or the courage needed to risk failure and stand tall after a loss. 

Individuals with healthy egos (myself included) are often called “delusional” or “self-aggrandizing” — and this isn’t entirely incorrect. The truth is, it takes a measure of crazy to become great. And the reason is simple. You have to first believe, before you can achieve

By Google’s definition, to have an ego means to have passion, creativity, urge, uniqueness, excitement, structure and discipline…  

So how would YOU like to be labeled? Personally, I’d rather not be known for having a Big Ego…  I’d prefer to be known for having a HUGE EGO, and that’s the truth!!! You can embrace the ego and let it drive you to the top of your game or you can deny it and let it sabotage you every day of your life. The choice is yours. 

Let me put it in social media terms. Ego = followers.  Humans are actually quite easy to fool. If you tell them that you’re the greatest thing around and truly believe it yourself, chances are they’ll start believing it too.  Also, strong egos radiate the kind of energy that others will be drawn to.  Even if they’re antagonized by it at first, they’ll want to be associated with it. 

For those who aren’t able to embrace Big Egos, you can help them boost their own. Give them a voice.  Raise their consciousness. Inspire them to grow through your passion for life and demonstration of self-worth in walk and talk. You will only be growing your own ego larger-than-life in the process. And that’s a good thing, remember??

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Now, a message from a self-proclaimed egoist, on how to boost your own ego…

Branding yourself: Beauty hurts. Exercise, run, bike, walk and be active. People who take care of their bodies are perceived to be of higher social standing. It’s the blunt truth. I have plenty of articles on how to stay active and sexy. Read them and get on the program. When you exercise you’re rehearsing for the competition of life. YOU are your brand!

Meditation: Quieting the mind through any meditation ritual helps balance the ego toward the best possible you. Let self-esteem be your focus. Through meditation, one can clear the noise of the world and connect with his/her true calling, breeding a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. Feed your mind with positive thoughts about the extent of your powers – to advance your ideas, professions, and relationships with those around you. It is for the good of the whole. 

Sleep: Sleep is one of our primary needs, playing a high-stakes role in our physical and cognitive functions. Well-rested people are healthier, happier, more energetic and clearer thinkers. Sleep controls pretty much every aspect of your lives. So get to bed! Its your main mode of regeneration (i.e. fountain of youth!). IPhone has a sleeping alarm app to alert you to set bedtimes. Try it. We all need a minimum of 8 hours to function at full capacity. You will be amazed by how much you can achieve after a great night’s of sleep. Set your bedtime alarm one hour early and see how much you accomplish the next day. Here’s the math: Give up 1 hour of waking, for an extra hour of sleep, and get back 2 hours in terms of productivity the next day. Sounds like a deal to me! 

Healthy eating and vitamin supplementation: Good nutrition nourishes the body and enhances beauty. You need to be conscious of your weight – there is no way around it. Obesity is an illness. And change begins with healthy eating. In combination with a wise diet, consider the benefit of Eyes and Body Vitamins like URGE-Vite and Macula & Body Health Complete. In combination, these two powerful formulas compliment each other one nourishes the eyes and slows the progression of underlying ocular disease and the other elevates mood while increasing energy levels. This all food for a healthy ego!

Feed your ego and watch talent, optimal health and confidence emerge – the confidence to tell all your haters: 

Back away from my ego… mi amigo!!

By Esmeralda Gallemore at my Esmie’s corner blog page.

Esmeralda Gallemore

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