Killer Heels, No Pain No Gain

Killer Heels, No Pain No Gain

Killer Heels… No Pain No Gain…

While your man might tell you “you look great in anything you wear”, including those comfortable flats, it’s hard to ignore the fact that, when you’re out-and-about together, he’s the first guy to rubberneck toward that hot chick passing by in killer heels.

Back in the day, it was considered kind of “inappropriate” for overtly sexy women to walk around in super high heels. Bystanders would share awkward looks and shake their heads in disapproval. Even today, how many of us have pointed a finger at some chick wearing shamelessly high heels like, “how dare she walk into our environment”! Am I right? Then we might refer to her as a “desperate bitch” while elbowing our guy in the ribs for looking at her.

Well, here’s the thing. Unless we want these Cat Bitches to continue prancing into our environments and turning our men’s heads to the point of no return, we need to step-up our game and get right with the fact that times are changing. So, stop sitting there wishing you were one of those women and do what it takes to become one.

Confidence in your appearance is the first step to exuding sexiness.  But expect to put in a little time, effort, and money to look your best too. The fact is, men love women who look sexy in high heels because a woman who looks sexy in high heels is walking the walk!!! She also probably knows how to take care of herself. Young moms are notorious for letting themselves go and putting all attention on the baby. Cats, on the other hand, are notorious for never letting their appearance slide.

Well, I can assure you, the Cats are coming to town. So open your eyes wide, Ladies, and fight the f#ck back! The answer is an age-old secret and it’s not to obsess over your appearance… It really is just about the high heels.

Wives Vs Cats

If you are married with children or just unmarried and “comfortable” with your plain boring life as it stands, and feel “High Heels” are not your “thing”… Today is your day to reconsider. It’s possible to wear stylish shoes without pain though, ladies, beauty hurts, sexy even more. Wearing heels is a pain in the heel. Who cares, NO Pain, NO Gain!! The fact is, women with the highest heels get the most attention. It may not always be the kind of attention we want, but it’s the truth. Men are turned on by a woman who can rock high heels. All men have their secret fantasies and those fantasies get worse as the man gets older. They already have an image in their mind of what they want.  So imagine one day you show up in sexy high heels unexpectedly… Man goes crazy! My very own girl? Really? Yes. Really. Abracadabra, his fantasy quickly turns to reality. Not to mention the excitement he feels in knowing his fantasy girl (i.e. you, his woman) is guaranteed to follow him home for the night…  I swear he will rip your clothes off.

Getting your first pair of real high heels

First, you need to go buy a pair of the highest heels you could possibly tolerate. If you are new to this, don’t get the cheapest pair.  Go for brand. There are many women who can only wear flats now because they ruined their feet wearing bad high heels every day. High quality heels are expensive for a reason. Trust me on this. I wear heels to go grocery shopping, so comfort and endurance are critical factors when I choose a new pair. The best time for trying on new heels is when your feet are tired and swollen. If the new pair feels amazing on your feet at the end of a day, then that is your pair. You’re off to a great start.

If you’re a plus size woman, check out my articles on a balanced diet and losing weight, and know that being overweight doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning in heels. The right heels for you are likely a round toe pump or platforms, both extremely comfortable and known to evenly distribute weight so that the balls of your feet don’t get all the pressure. Oh, and get this, they’ll also hide chubbiness by slenderizing the look of the foot!

Women's Shoes

So, what’s in it for you?

Deep down, it feels right to have a night or two….or three, why not? …where you become the dominatrix and make your man totally crazy for you. Truth be told, the real pleasure behind this is how it makes us feel. Just because, at one point, you let yourself go or just because you are a mommy, it doesn’t mean we don’t still have it. Getting attention feels right. Feeling pretty and sexy feels right. And nothing looks sexier than a woman in high heels. Wearing heels increases height by 4-6 inches (because of the slope), depending on the shoe. So, why not go for the highest? I always do.

This is especially helpful for the women who glorify the “tall look”, like most women do. Well, the “tall look” can only be achieved in one way – wearing heels. They make our legs look longer and shapelier while complimenting and drawing attention to our wardrobe. No worries moms, you don’t have to give up that ugly floral print smock, just dress it up with heels!  Women also tend to feel and act smarter when wearing heels.

But, of course there are cons to everything. Yes, you will experience ankle and foot pain, especially when you work all day in heels. Don’t let this dissuade you. I have my working heels, my looking pretty heels, my shopping heels and my dancing heels. Make smart choices and protect your feet at all cost. However, wearing high heels eventually strengthens your ankle muscles and improves posture. I’m a professional dancer so I know.

In summary

High heels can make you feel feminine, confident and powerful. Heels compliment both your everyday wear and evening outfits. Remember that a woman in heels is what every man wants in bed. If something so simple can make you appear slimmer and draw your man’s attention to the entire length of your body, then it’s definitely worth a try. Oh, and there’s a little bonus. After that hot-high-heel date with your special guy, do yourselves a favor and keep those heels on in the bedroom. It’s sensual and erotic and will bring some fantasies to life, which can only stand to strengthen your relationship.  You will know when it is time to take the heels off…..

By Esmie Gallemore at my corner blog

Esmie Gallemore

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